Introduction to Manufacturing: An Industrial Engineering and Management Perspective

Dear AIM Friends and Colleagues,

I am delighted to announce the publication of the new book “Introduction to Manufacturing: An Industrial Engineering and Management Perspective” by Michel Baudin and myself.

This unique textbook focuses students on the issues that matter to practicing industrial engineers and managers. It offers a systems perspective on designing, managing, and improving manufacturing operations. Below are a few of the many nice reviews we received for this book—including one from Jochen.

This state-of-the-art textbook on manufacturing addresses the challenges of today’s factories. It is an essential manual for students and professionals.” – Jochen Deuse, Professor and Head of Institute of Production Systems, TU Dortmund and Head of Centre for Advanced Manufacturing, University of Technology Sydney

This is the first book of its kind, situated at the nexus of manufacturing, industrial engineering, and management – precisely what students and organizations need.” – Adedeji Badiru, Professor and Dean of Graduate School of Engineering and Management, Air Force Institute of Technology

What an incredibly timely book. Global events continue to starkly illustrate the critical role that manufacturing plays in all our lives – and its impact when things go wrong. Baudin and Netland’s beautifully structured and accessible book gives an excellent introduction to this critical topic, helpfully framed by both industrial engineering and management perspectives.” – Tim Minshall, Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation and Head of the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

Easy to read, yet rich in knowledge. This textbook is the ultimate introduction to anyone interested in a career in manufacturing.” – Gisela Lanza, Professor and Head of Production Systems, wbk Institute of Production Science, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Given the ever-changing nature of manufacturing technologies, I love how the authors emphasize the flow of information and materials within and beyond the factory to provide an integrative approach to introduce manufacturing and management perspectives to industrial engineers.” – Timothy W. Simpson, Paul Morrow Professor of Engineering Design & Manufacturing, College of Engineering, Penn State University

This superb book explains how to design, manage, and improve manufacturing operations. Based on their deep expertise, Baudin and Netland compellingly present a great resource of manufacturing knowledge—useful for both novices and experts.” – Charles H. Fine, Chrysler LGO Professor of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

I hope this book will be a useful resource for you and your students. I am particularly thankful for any referrals, reviews—or endorsements. I am available for anyone who would like to discuss its content or how it can be used.

Prof. Dr. Torbjørn Netland
Chair of Production and Operations Management (POM)
D-MTEC, ETH Zurich