All fellows are requested to come with suggestions for candidates. They have to send a CV and a list of teached courses to the secretary. The fellow that proposes a candidate is responsible for delivering the information. The board discusses the proposals and invites candidates to give a presentation during an AIM meeting. Hereafter the board decides about the candidate.

General guidelines for identifying and evaluating potential candidates

  • Min. 10 years of active work in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Faculty of Engineering of European Higher Education University
  • ‘Full professor (if position exists in national system, otherwise Head of department or other leading position)’ or ‘Associate Professors with an outstanding Curriculum’
  • Still enough active years to be of benefit for AIM, so in principle max. 55 years old
  • The Board can overrule this in case of exceptional candidates

The board requests fellows to come with proposals and especially candidates coming from France, Portugal, Baltic Republics, Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Our goal is to affiliate the countries without AIM-Fellows to cover nearly the complete European Higher Education Area.