AIM is an organisation of full professors working in the field of Industrial Management at universities within the EU countries. The AIM wants to be the leading organization in the EU concerning education of university students in engineering science in the field of Industrial Management.
Through the fellows, AIM has a total view of academic education in Industrial Management in the EU countries.


AIM pursues to be the leading European Academy developing and promoting education and research in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M). As such it endeavours to gather full professors in this field from all corners of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

IE&M education is promoted by classical and modern approaches including problem solving, case study as well as co-creative education. Active learning, instead of teaching, is the preferred point of view of AIM.


IE&M is concerned with the design and management of sustainable manufacturing and service systems. Service systems refer to both private and public sectors. Systems design integrates people, materials, information, equipment, and environmental resources into processes that generate value. IE&M also develops operational management methods to maximize process performance. Systems are investigated using both theoretical and experimental industrial engineering and operations research methods.

AIM promotes networking both in scientific research and educational activities involving main IE&M schools in EHEA. The Academy’s mission is aligned with the outstanding schools of engineering worldwide.