The Kernel Curriculum

A problem of existing degree programs is the difficult acceptance process for foreign course achievements at the home university. While developing the new Master of Advanced Industrial Management one of the main objectives was to give students a possibility to study at other universities all across Europe. Precondition for the international degree program is a synchronization of courses concerning contents, credit points and duration. Therefore a Kernel Curriculum is required.

Approximately 80% of the courses are so called “Kernel courses”. These courses are similar at all participating universities across Europe. In addition, the contents should be equal at all participating universities.

Some courses are supposed to be different at each university. Therefore, every participating professor can focus on his specific research field and can easily integrate it into the degree program.

This structured approach simplifies the acceptance procedure. Through the standardization of the content of teaching, it is possible to accept all grades from other participating universities. Students are free to choose any course at any participating university as long as they stick to the program’s curriculum.


The Bologna Process


European Higher Education Area


Development of the European Higher Education Area


Motivation for a Master of Advanced Industrial Management


Requirements of the Industry for a Master of Advanced Industrial Management