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    Dear AIM fellows,

    This blog is created for sharing of info/experience/links on Virtual Tours for educational purposes.

    To open the discussion on this topic, here is the link of the blog on Teaching Operations Management with Virtual Reality:

    For further information on the topic, you can read the following publications that are dealing with VR in teaching:
    • Netland, T., Lorenz, R., and Senoner, J. (2019) Teaching lean with Virtual Reality: Gemba VR, European Lean Educator Conference, Milano, Italy, 12-13.11.2019.
    • Netland, T., Flaeschner, O., Brown, K., and Maghazei, O. (2020) Teaching operations management with virtual reality: Bringing the factory to the students. Journal of Management Education, Volume: 44 issue: 3, page(s): 313-341,

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